Raylan's Super Ultra Cool Killer Mega Young Nice Uber Tubular Shining Manifesto

Or S.U.C.K.M.Y.N.U.T.S. for short!

1. Sometimes, art is not subjective. Only sometimes.
2. Usually, art is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder is also usually mean.
3. Critics aren't trying to be mean, so don't be mean to critics. Unless they ARE being mean, in which case, critique their attitude.
4. Kindness is a weapon; if you're too sweet, people will be less likely to say your art is bad. Hold them emotionally hostage.
5. Millions of people will seem to be better than you, but remember that you are better than the billions that haven't tried.
6. You should never judge yourself based on others' works. That's what critics are for, and they need jobs, too.
7. Not every art piece will turn out perfect. If one does, you did it wrong, it sucks, redo it.
8. Understanding that you aren't perfect will make you perfect (refer to point 7).
9. Trying new things sucks. Try it sometime.
10. Suffer.